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Employee Benefits pack a big punch. They show that you truly care about your team’s well-being and success — both inside and outside the workplace.


When an applicant looks for employment, the two most important factors they consider are salary and benefits. Let Serra Benefits & Insurance Services set you up with an attractive and affordable benefit package.

1. It helps you attract awesome people

It goes without saying that providing health benefits gives you a competitive edge. Group benefits remove great stress from employees and new hires. They can attract a higher caliber worker and, therefore; potentially increase success and profitability of the company.

2. It helps you retain awesome people

It also does double duty in terms of retention. Considering that replacing a teammate can cost you over half of their yearly salary, this is extremely important, especially for smaller companies who can’t afford the tumult of turnover.

3. It’s good for your wallet

Going the group route is also your secret weapon when it comes to lowering costs. Since your contributions are a business expense, they’re tax deductible.

4. It’s good for your employees’ wallets

Group plans also help your team get the most bang for their bucks. Employee contributions to premiums are deducted from their wages before taxes, which then decreases their overall taxable income through a section 125 POP.

5. It builds community

Group plans reinforce the feeling of community because everyone is united under the same plan. Employers demonstrate that they’re invested in everyone’s happiness and long-term health, and that goodness ripples throughout the entire organization.

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