Short-Term Health Insurance

Whether you missed the last open enrollment period, just lost your workplace coverage, just moved here from another state or country and awaiting open enrollment or the new hire waiting period, aged out of your parents’ policy, lapsed on your individual policy, or are experiencing another special circumstance, you may need health insurance when you can’t buy it in the individual Marketplace. Short-term health insurance is a perfect fit for these circumstances.

Don’t Risk Being Without Health Insurance

What is it?

Short term health insurance is designed to be SHORT TERM. It protects you for a shorter amount of time than a standard policy. Most policies last anywhere between one and six months and will cover sickness and injury. These policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, prescriptions or preventative care, nor are they required to by law.

How does it work?
Short-term healthcare plans allow you to choose the duration of your coverage, your deductible, and your coinsurance. You can also choose your own providers without risk of out-of-network penalties.
Is it ACA Compliant?

Short-term health insurance is not ACA-compliant, does not cover pre-existing conditions and is not guaranteed-issue. You may still be subject to the individual mandate tax penalty. Remember, it is a temporary solution to protect your health and your financial well-being. These plans do not meet the requirements mandated by the Affordable Care Act.



Short-term health insurance plans are not qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) and do not meet the coverage and benefit requirements of the ACA. You cannot receive a subsidy (premium tax credit and/or cost-sharing reduction) under the ACA in connection with your purchase of short-term health insurance and may still owe the tax penalty (the individual shared responsibility payment) under the ACA. Some people may qualify for exemptions from the ACA tax penalty. Further information about the ACA and its implications can be found in our Affordable Care Act Resource Center.

Short-term health insurance plans are generally less expensive than qualified health plans under the ACA (also called major medical health insurance), but do not offer the same level of coverage. Short-term health insurance plans are intended for people who do not want or cannot afford major medical insurance or who want a temporary form of limited coverage before they obtain major medical health insurance. Among other limitations and exclusions, short term health insurance plans generally do not cover pre-existing conditions (health and other conditions that exist at the time of application) or the minimum essential coverage of the ACA (benefits such as mental healthcare, pregnancy and childbirth, preventive care, etc.).

Short-term health insurance plans are limited in duration by law to a maximum 3-month term. After the plan expires (in 3 months or less), you will stop receiving any benefits under it. You must reapply to receive coverage after the plan expires. If you are accepted for an additional term under a short-term health insurance plan, the plan’s deductible and other amounts reset so that amounts paid (or the satisfaction of conditions) under the initial plan are ignored. Similarly, whether you have pre-existing conditions will be determined anew as of your approval under the new application. Please review your policy terms for the maximum coverage period allowed by the plan you selected. Be aware that insurance companies limit the number of times a short-term insurance policy may be renewed. Some states may restrict your ability to apply for more than one consecutive short-term health insurance plan.

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